Monday meeting - Botic House 8.20 am


Dear all, 

On your first day, you will be guided assistance to your lectures place - The Law Faculty of Charles University. 

You are around 80 students living in Botic House all from the 3 different programs. 

Iva and ECCE interns will wait for you at 8:20 am on Monday at the main entrance of Botic House. We will go together to Staromestka or Pravnicka faculta where your lectures are facilitated. 

Be on time, we will not wait more than 5 minutes! The students who do not live at Botic - please come there for the meeting or reach the lectures individually. You have the useful information how to do it in your manuals.

For everyone who feels like travelling by themselves to the lectures - feel free to do it, it is just extra assistance we thought you might need. 


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