Graduation Ceremony - 6 pm


We know you are looking forward to the graduation ceremony already!

You have all the needed information, but just in case - one more reminder:

Your lecture on Friday will finish at 4 pm. Afterwards, you will have time to dress-up and prepare for the great evening. You don't need to be as formal as for the Grand Reception, but still - semi-formal will be fine. The start of the ceremony is at 6 pm.

Cafe Vitkov (the place where you will have the ceremony) is closer to Panda (Pribenicka). The address of the place is U Památníku 1900/1900, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov. Do you think you will have some trouble finding it?

If you want to go all together it will be better if Tiger goes to Panda. From Panda, we all organise and climb there. If you feel like everyone arriving independently, it is ok. Come Friday morning to the office or write in the group to let us know.


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