Accommodation rearrangement and check-out


Dear All, 

As we informed from the beginning, there are students, who take the internship abroad, will check out after 3 weeks and the rearrangement for the rooming will take place. So, please follow the instruction: 

 For whom will take the foreign internships:

The refund of your deposit and the remaining rent will be on 8th July, Sunday from 14:00 - 16:00, Zoe and the manager will be there during that time.  The manager will check if there is anything broken in the room. They will start the room checking in Panda, then Tiger. If there are items are broken, the related fee will be deducted from the deposit.  If you are not in your accommodation during that time, please make sure you have one of your friend who can keep the refunded money for you in the accommodation. 

For Tiger:

Zhang Chenyang needs to move to Room 3, as you are the only one left in Room 7.

The beddings will be changed and common area will be cleaned on 10th after some of you move out. 

For girls in Panda: 

There will be 3 volunteers from ECCE to help you move to Tiger on 10th Tuesday after you finish work. The specific time will be confirmed on Tuesday based on your time.  

Shi Si,  Zhuang Huiting, Fu Xiaochen,  Xu Danli,  He Yunying,  Liao Luyao, Isabela, Lyu Hanbing will be allocated in Tiger.   

The spaces for your to chose are (you can decide which room you would like to stay after you move in and you can switch freely if both sides are agreed) : 

1. Room 10, 2 beds are free, with Li Hongyi.

2. Room 9, 2 beds are free, with Fang Mengting.

3. Room 8, 1 bed is free, with Li Jing and Qiu Yuejia.

4. Room 7, 3 beds are all free.


Best regards, 

ECCE Team 

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