Richard Kurdiovsky

Mgr. Dr., Architect, Institute for History of Art and Musicology

The guide for the field trip to Vienna 

Richard Kurdiovsky (born 1971) is a historian for art and architecture based in Vienna where he studied the history of art, history, archaeology and Slavonic studies. He holds a Ph. D. from the University of Vienna with a work on the architect Carl Hasenauer (2008). From 1994 until 2004 he worked as the freelance at the architectural collection of the Albertina, Vienna. In 2004/2005 he started to work at the Austrian Academy of Sciences where he participated in the research project on the Hofburg, the imperial palace in Vienna, until 2013. Since 2011, he works at the Austrian Academy of Sciences as a staff scientist in subsequent research projects focussing on strategies of representation of the Habsburg dynasty. Additionally, he works as a lecturer at the Institute for History of Art of the University of Vienna.

Richard has published on civil architecture in Central Europe, including individual noble palaces in Vienna like the baroque Winterpalais of Prince Eugene of Savoy or the town residence of the Coburg family from the early 1840s, on architects like Carl Hasenauer, the associate architect of Gottfried Semper for the court buildings along the Ringstraße in Vienna, on the circumstances of architectural production in the age of the Ringstraße, and on members of the architectural school of Otto Wagner like Alfred Castellitz (1870–1940).  He has worked on a range of aspects of the imperial residence in Vienna (besides the construction and planning activities, for instance, questions of use and ceremonial, questions of topographic and social borders, questions of tradition and legitimization, questions of visibility of political and socio-cultural claims etc.) and on cultural phenomena of urban history (like coffeehouses in the Habsburg monarchy, use, meaning and after-live of urban fortifications in the 19th century etc.).


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