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Join the Summer Program on Architecture, Land Development & Real Estate.
5.7.2021 - 20.8.2021

The main goal of the Summer Program on Architecture is to cover a wide range of profession-related subjects normally not studied at schools of architecture or at least not studied practically; something that will be essential to the students in the real world.

Architecture & Design


Initially, a young architect’s work is performed under the leadership of senior architects. As junior architects progress in their careers, they become the leaders on various projects themselves. ECCEDU Programs are oriented towards preparing students for their future careers and to become the new leaders in their field. The ECCEDU Architecture & Design, program is designed to fulfill this purpose as best as possible, by incorporating elements from land development, real estate and construction. The three components of the curriculum (i.e. the lectures, the internship, and the design assignment) will give students more confidence in their work and a much better understanding of the business world of architecture, design, planning, real estate, land development, and construction.

What is our approach?The following is how ECCEDU Summer Program works:

General Structure of the Program

Part I - Lectures


The lectures take place over a period of 3 weeks.


The lectures are taught in classrooms, but we will go outside on occasions where the city itself becomes the classroom. The lectures follow a business-oriented curriculum and revolve around career-oriented topics such as the architectural design of commercial buildings from a business perspective, the planning and management of cities’ growth, working with clients, leadership or cooperation between architects, land developers and real estate consultants. We will touch on land development processes and discuss how various market trends impact the design and development process.


On several occasions, we will leave the classroom and visit historical or modern architecture sites and a project under construction. We will make several excursions out of Prague; specifically to Dresden, Kutna Hora and, on a voluntary basis,


Courses are taught by leading local and international architects and planners, professionals in land development, IT specialists and representatives from real estate firms. We select lecturers with real experience in order to make sure that they can give students a true impression of their field.


Part II - Internships

After the three weeks of lectures, students will take part in internships in prominent local and international architectural and development firms based in Prague or neighbouring countries. Students will have an opportunity to apply and improve the knowledge gained during the lectures.


Part III – Design Assignment (5 weeks)


Students will also have a design assignment to work on over the duration of the program. It will be assigned on the first day of lectures, and will be related to the curriculum of the year.  The design project will be led by two senior practicing Czech architects with extensive design and teaching experience. Other architects, selected developers and real estate consultants will be invited to participate as critics during the presentations.

Lectures & Lecturers

Here are some of the lecturers for the Architecture & Design program and their lectures:


- Barbora Markechova, Director at Ian Bogle Architects, London, Prague, Hong Kong; Designing Green Buildings

- Milica Vujošević, Ing. Arch., PhD, architect and urban designer at CASUA Architects, Sustainability and Energy Saving

- Sean Clifton, RIBA, Architect, Director at Prague office of Jestico+Whiles; Hotel and Residential Design for Commercial Success

- Filip Pokorny, Ing.Arch, Ph.D., Director at Chapman Taylor Architects, Prague: Mall Design in the Time of Online Shopping

- Michal Kovářík, Ing.Arch, Czech Technical University: Digital Fabrication & Robotics, New Paradigm in Architecture

- Tu Nguyen, B.Sc., Valuer at Cushman&Wakefield: Valuations, to what extent can Valuations influence value of RE?

- David Friday, MBA, Journalist; Dictionary: Business of Architecture, Land Development and Real Estate

- Jan Holna, Ing. Arch., CEO & Partner at DAM architekti; Design Assignment Leader Architect 

Colin Glover, Chartered Sruveyor; Managing Director of Construction Company SIS; Constration Site Visit 

Dávid Fogad, Executive Manager at Fond Českého Bydlení SICAV (Fund of Czech Living); Presentation skills & Public speaking


Learn more about our lecturers.

Find out about the program's schedule.



ECCEDU internships offer a unique chance to acquire beneficial work experience and interact with some of the best architecture and development companies in Prague and abroad. 4 weeks of internship at a local architecture or real estate development company. The students will be matched with architecture studios based on their experience and skills and the studios' demands. Several offices available for internships will be in other European countries.


Internships are always under the close supervision and guidance of senior company representatives, who look after students, coach them and help them grow - for this reason each company doesn’t take on more than 1 or 2 of our students.


During their internships, students get assigned personalized tasks, designed to fit their personal and professional interests. Their internship work also typically includes office-based work related to the practice of architecture and design, such as research, working with various software programs, attending meetings, or visiting construction sites.


Students can choose internships in several international ECCEDU partners located mostly in Prague, but also in other European cities; internship opportunities range from the largest international companies to smaller firms with a focused area of expertise. In the past, these have included Jestico + Whiles Architects, Chapman Taylor Architects, Aukett Swanke, Ian Bryan Architects, DAM.architekti and AED Project, among others.


Learn more about ECCEDU's partners.

ECCEDU Grand Reception

Traditionally, our Global Career Summer Programs open with a welcome gala evening for ECCEDU students.


This event provides an opportunity to meet the inspiring people who contribute to the ECCEDU community and meet the other ECCEDU students from the Law and International Business programs. In 2021 our Grand Reception will take place mid-July.


The Grand Reception also serves as an annual meeting place for top-level representatives from Czech and foreign companies, as well as politicians, diplomats, and academics.


Read more about our Grand Reception.


Our students are offered a wide range of extracurricular activities during the program.


Our staff arranges various team-building events throughout the lecture period. The goal is to engage students in various free-time activities and introduce them to European culture in an entertaining and didactic way. We organize escape games, karaoke sessions, laser games and barbecues, go sightseeing in Prague and discover traditional products and shop for souvenirs. Trips around the Czech Republic and abroad are also organised: in the past, students have gone to Český Krumlov, Brno, Vienna, and Berlin.


Graduation & Certificates

ECCEDU provides its attendees with a Graduation Certificate. Following the end of the lectures session, we hold an informal certificate awarding ceremony.


ECCEDU partner companies will also be issuing reference letters for their students upon successful completion of the internship.

STANDARD PACKAGE (with internship) INSTITUTIONAL OFFER (with internship) - Available for ECCEDU partner universities only GLOBAL CAREER COURSE (no internship)

Early-bird price € 1 700 (originally 2 000 €)

Early-bird price € 3 200 (originally 3 500 €)

€ 1000

30 Career-Focused Courses Delivered by Industrial Leaders from Top-Tier Firms
4 Weeks of Work Internship + Career Engagements
Getting Started' Kit
Career-Related & Educational Field Trips to Leading Institutions & Sites
One Weekend Trip to Key Cultural Sites in Czech Republic
Two Weekend Trips to Key Cultural Sites in Czech Republic
Grand Opening Ceremony & Reception + International Networking Event
First-Hand Meetup with Partner Companies + Mentorship
Refreshments for 3 Weeks of the Career-Focused Sessions
Graduation Certificate + Work Internships References + Performance Endorsements
Airport Arrival Transfer Assistant to Accommodation with Private Bus + Buddy Intro
Airport Arrival Transfer Assistant to Accommodation with Public Transportation + Buddy Intro
Accommodation for 7 weeks in Prague (49 nights)*
Sim-card works for all EU country
1 Intra-City Monthly Transportation Ticket




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Architecture & Design
Architecture & Design
Architecture & Design
Architecture & Design
Architecture & Design
Architecture & Design
Architecture & Design
Architecture & Design
Architecture & Design

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