Treasure hunting - free time activity


Activity for 21st of June, 6 pm 

You will have the great opportunity to discover the city of Prague in a funny and entertaining way through treasure hunting!

It is a voluntary activity for you to see Prague and get to know each other. 

All of the participants will be divided into groups and compete. There will be many interesting tasks to solve. The winners will get a price in the end.

Deadline for registration: 21st of June, 12:00 pm
Price per person: 370 czk
Meeting point: Jungmanovo namesti, 21.6, 17.45 pm

The price includes:

  • A game package for each team
  • Equipment for the game (sim-cards/smartphones)
  • Photos from the game
  • Prizes for the winners
  • Guide(s)

Please sign through the Facebook event!

More info:

Each team will get a special map of the quest-tour and a local sim-card with internet access (or a smartphone). Each team will need to have one smartphone via which they will get tasks and answer the questions\riddles (or we can provide the smartphones).
When the quest-tour starts teams will need to find the sightseeing spots marked on the special map. When they find the spot they receive a question/challenge connected to that spot. And when the task is done they receive information (e.g. city legend/history) about that sightseeing spot.

When you complete the task, you will get points based on the answer. Then you will go to the next spot and so on. Each time the teams choose the next spot themselves based on their own strategy.
The game lasts 2 hours and the winner is the team with the most points. We finish the treasure hunt in a restaurant of your choice in the city centre or right where it all started at Jungmanovo namesti. There we discuss the results and the winners are awarded.

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