Karel Smejkal - Architecture & Psychology

Ing. Ph.D., Intl. Assoc. AIA, Architect Scientific Researcher, Czech Technical University in Prague, CSO, co-founder, INSPIRELI AWARDS

Ing. Karel Smejkal, Ph.D., is a Czech architect, building engineer, psychologist, founder and director of the architectural social network Inspireli and founder and director of the young architects’ international annual design competition Inspireli. Recently he has also become one of the publishers of the newly resurrected Czech glossy magazine Architect plus. In addition to the above, Karel also founded, together with the well-known recently deceased Czech architect and artist Borek Sipek, an interactive organization which unites designers, architects, and suppliers into the Czech Deco Team.

He first graduated from CVUT (Czech Technical University) in Prague from the School of Architecture and Building. Subsequently, he became interested and involved in the subject of Psychology of Building Design and the mathematical structuralist approach to design. He studied and researched this subject at CVUT in Prague as part of his post gradual studies, for which he obtained the PhD degree.

Currently he divides his time between running both the Inspirelli social network and the Inspirelli young architects competition, (one of the largest in the world), managing the Czech Deco Team and co-managing Architect plus magazine on one hand, and on the hand continuing research into psychology of building design, the subject for which he is also the senior lecturer at CVUT. He will be one of the professors at the summer school teaching some of the project management classes and psychology of architecture design management.

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