Johan Hornof - Software project from A to Z

Head of E-Commerce, manGoweb

Currently as Head of E-Commerce at manGoweb, Johan focuses on consulting, designing and building modern online applications.

Johan graduated in Business IT at University of Economy in Prague. He was living 2 years in Austria while working on an international e-commerce projects. Having many personal experience with web development in the past, he founded software development agency in Czechia and Slovakia. After 5 years of doing projects in many EU countries, he merged his company with design and technology studio manGoweb. ManGoweb does now apart from e-commerce and websites also mobile apps, IoT, automotive or chatbots.

Johan is still working mainly on international e-commerce projects. He is responsible for negotiating deals, time and financial planning. As he understands both the tech part as well as the overall business background, he helps to smoothly connect the world of software development with real client’s goals and strategic plans. He has 15+ years of experience in web development and 9+ years in a managing role, led teams of 2 to 50 people.

He is passionate about ICT solutions for transportation so he also uses his expertise to work for municipality of Prague as a member of the commissions for IT and Transport.

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