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Experience our renowned concept of Business in Context and participate in the Summer Program in International Business.
8.7.2019 - 23.8.2019

What is our approach?The following is how ECCEDU Summer Program works:

Concept of "Learning by Experience"

Comprehensive knowledge of one’s field is essential, but true business leaders need to be able to apply that knowledge in practice. Our goal is to provide ECCEDU attendees with an advantage and help them stand out from their colleagues. Moreover, every successful graduate can be awarded 4 ECTS credits for their completion of the program.

We want ECCEDU attendees to experience what it is actually like to work in the field of international business. Our aim is to enhance their skills by focusing on both their personal and professional development. The topics covered during our 2019 International Business Global Career Business Program will be carefully selected to reflect the constantly changing world of business, and prepare participants adequately. For this reason, topics differ slightly from year to year.

Lectures & Lecturers

All of our lecturers are experts and pioneers in their field. They will engage with students during three weeks of intensive lectures. The scope of the lectures ranges from commerce and business essentials to expert insight into current and future trends. ECCEDU lecturers are experiences notables from leading companies, both in the Czech Republic and worldwide. Among them are:


Radek Špicar (President, Aspen Institute), Radka Dohnalová (Founder and owner, Harvard Uni Graduate, Atairu), Leoš Dvořák (Head of Digitalization, Siemens Czech Republic), Václav Nekvapil (Managing Partner, CEC Government Relations), Klára Sommerová (Co-founder and leader, (S)právně), Miroslav Černý (Coordinator of Intellectual Property Department, ŠKODA AUTO a.s), Petra Hrušková (Staffing Business Partner, EMEA Emerging Markets, Google), Pavlína Louženská (Business & Innovation Strategist, 2FRESH Prague) and many others.


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Our internships offer the perfect experience to lift students to new heights and bring them closer to their goals.

The internships are 4-to-5-week-long work experience sessions arranged at a company of the student’s choice, depending on his/her ranking on the ECCEDU test. Internships are always under the close supervision and guidance of senior company representatives, who look after students, coach them and help them grow - for this reason each company doesn’t take on more than 1 or 2 students.

During their internships, students get assigned personalized tasks, designed to fit their personal and professional interests. Their internship work also typically includes the practical side of office work, such as research, translations, the drafting of documents, the writing of memoranda, or attending meetings.

Students can choose internships in several international ECCEDU partners located in various European cities; internship opportunities range from the largest international companies to smaller firms with a focused area of expertise. In the past, these have included: PwC, T-Mobile, Unicredit Bank, Siemens, Exon Mobile, among others. 


 As a unique feature this year, we are offering group internships. Teams of students will get together and act as consultants to solve or improve on earlier solutions to a company's problem. This will be an excellent opportunity for students to develop their communication and problem solving skills, and apply their knowledge to real-life cases.


ECCEDU partner companies supply students with reference letters, to help them be more competitive on the market place or for further education purposes.



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ECCEDU Grand Reception


Traditionally, our Global Career Summer Programs open with a welcome gala evening for ECCEDU students.

This event provides an opportunity to meet the inspiring people who contribute to the ECCEDU community and meet other ECCEDU students from the Law and Architecture & Design programs. In 2019, our Grand Reception will take place mid-July.

The Grand Reception also serves to gather top-level representatives from Czech and foreign companies, politicians, diplomats, and academics.


Read more about our Grand Reception.


Our students are offered a wide range of extracurricular activities during the program.


Our staff arranges various team-building events throughout the lecture period. The goal is to engage students in various free-time activities and introduce them to European culture in an entertaining and didactic way. We organize escape games, karaoke sessions, laser games and barbecues, go sightseeing in Prague and discover traditional products and shop for souvenirs. Trips around the Czech Republic and abroad are also organised: in the past, students have gone to Český Krumlov, Kutná Hora, Vienna, and Berlin. 

Graduation and ECTS credits

Recognized ECCEDU Graduation Certificates are provided.


After the end of lectures, ECCEDU holds an informal certificate awarding ceremony, usually in the form of an evening Barbecue event. ECCEDU Graduation Certificates are issued under the auspices of the Charles University in Prague (est. 1348), the oldest university in Central and Eastern Europe. It provides 4 ECTS credits to each International Business Global Career Summer Program graduate.


€ 3 500

€ 4 900

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30 Career-Focused Courses Delivered by Industrial Leaders from Top-Tier Firms
4 Weeks of Work Internship + Career Engagements
Getting Started' Kit
Career-Related & Educational Field Trips to Leading Institutions & Sites
Visits & Trips to Key Cultural Sites
Grand Opening Ceremony & Reception + International Networking Event
First-Hand Meetup with Partner Companies + Mentorship
Refreshments for 3 Weeks of the Career-Focused Sessions
Accommodation for 7 weeks*
2-day Getaway abroad + Events in a VIP Location
Consulate/Embassy Communication + Visa Application Help
Graduation Certificate + Work Internships References + Performance Endorsements
Unique Soft-Skills & Fun-Filled Activities
Performance Analysis & Assessment
Airport Arrival by Public Transportation to Accommodation + Buddy Intro
Premium Airport Arrival Transfer Service to Accommodation + Buddy Intro
Individual high-end student analysis of personal skills
Intra-City Monthly Transportation Ticket




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