Michal Kovářík - Digital fabrication & Robotics

Ing. , Department of Construction Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU)

Michal Kovářík is a civil engineer and researcher at the Department of Construction Technology of Faculty of Civil Engineering at the CTU. He studied architecture and civil engineering at Faculty of Civil Engineering at the CTU where he graduated as a civil engineer in 2005. Michal started his professional career during his studies in 2002 as a junior project manager at the real estate development company Lordship Ltd in Prague. He was part of the project team during a construction of the Jungmannova Plaza building that was arded by the Construction& Investment Journal Award for the Best Office Development in 2004. After graduation in 2005, he joined design firm Loxia Ltd. in Prague, where he was as an architect and design manager responsible for residential and logistic projects in Prague. In 2007 he moved back to Lordship Ltd., where he was responsible for the conceptual design of various mixed-use and hospitality projects as a conceptual architect.

In 2010 Michal moved to Beijing, where he was studying Chinese Mandarin at Beijing
Language and Culture University and Di Qiu Cun academy. After accomplishing his Chinese studies by passing HSK4 proficiency test he started working as a senior architect in design firms Broad Design and Skyline International where he was as a member of an international team responsible for mostly hospitality and mixed-use projects around China.

In 2014 Michal moved back to Prague, where he started working as a freelance architect mostly focused on the design of family houses. In parallel, he began developing an original 3D printer using the technology of concrete mortar extrusion that was successfully tested in 2016. In 2015 he started working as a researcher at the Department of Construction Technology of Faculty of Civil Engineering at CTU, where he also started his dissertation focused on the fully automated construction of concrete shells by additive manufacturing. His research field is robotic construction technologies and digital fabrication with a focus on 3D printing of concrete composites. He is giving lectures and exercises in robotic construction technologies, special construction technologies, computational design, and BIM subjects. He is an author of the first state of the art comprehensive research paper about 3D printing in construction published in the most prestigious Czech journal focused on concrete structures Beton TKS. He is also a member of the czBIM association that is preparing agenda for BIM implementation in the Czech Republic.

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