David Skorunka - Psychosomatic perspective and individualized care in medicine; Bio-psycho-social model and interdisciplinary collaboration in psychiatry

Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist and Family Therapist

Board certified psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and family therapist.  Assistant professor at the Department of Social Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Hradec Králové.

An outside lecturer at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University in Brno. He runs his private practice at the Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic in Rychnov nad Kněžnou, where he participates in a collaborative teamwork with local mental health care services and in liaison consultations at a county hospital.

In the past, he accomplished short trainings abroad (Canada, Ireland, Finland, Great Britain). In a period of 2004-2010, he represented the Czech Society for Family and Systemic Therapy (SOFT) in European Family Therapy Association (EFTA). At the same time, he worked as an elected board member of the chamber of national associations of EFTA (EFTA-NFTO). 

An editorial board member of two peer-reviewed Czech journals: Psychotherapy and Psychosom. A member of an international advisory board of the American Contemporary Family Therapy journal. He regularly publishes papers and gives presentations on psychosomatic medicine, mental health issues, psychotherapy, and family therapy. Apart from all work and family commitments, he is a passionate musician and enjoys a country ramble.

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