Stanislav Gálik - Psychology, fashion & cars

Head of the innovations, Česká spořitelna, a.s.

Topic: Psychology, Fashion, Cars and more

As the Chief Executive Officer of Aures Laboratories and CEO of Innovation at AAA Auto, he leads the innovations and special projects across the whole group of the most successful and the biggest seller of used cars in Central Europe. Since 2014, he was leading the Innovative centre UNIFER, which focuses on the cooperation between universities and commercial sphere, connecting education with practice, and he has also led several innovational projects at Česká spořitelna for two years.

He studied Psychology at Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Media studies at Faculty of social studies, Masaryk University and also Communication studies at New Mexico State University. Mr. Gálik lectures Psychology of Persuasion, Creativity and Managerial communication at Masaryk University. He’s the author of a book called „Psychology of Persuasion“ and also a book called „How I hitch-hiked a plane“, where he talks about his trip across four continents, using a method which he named „rich-hiking“, without spending a single cent. As a consultant, he’s been working on several long-term projects with J&T Bank or Tesco Stores. In 2015, he was presented in the Forbes‘ list 30 under 30.

The story of a guy, who got a doctorate in Psychology, than launched successful fashion brand to end up as a head of innovations in largest car trader in Eastern Europe. He is not unstable, just hyperactive.

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