Pavel Vepřek - Heathcare/health insurance systems in the US and UK

Medical Director and Head, Healthcare 2.0 initiative

Graduating from the Pediatric Faculty of the Charles University in Prague he entered the Faculty Hospital Motol, where he worked as a junior resident, senior resident, and consultant at the 2nd Pediatric Department, a consultant at the Centrum of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Medical Director, and Managing Director. He was co-founder and executive head of the Team DG plus and he led several Managed Care and DRG Implementation projects. Being appointed as a director of Strategy and Development Department of General Insurance Fund he designed and created a project of integrated quality care AKORD. He was a member of a working group for health care reform of AIM, Brussels. He was an adviser to 3 Ministers of Health mainly aimed at HTA, modernization of public health insurance and at digitalization of Healthcare. For 24 years he runs seminars on Healthcare Economics at the Economic Institute of the CAS, he chairs association Občan (Citizen) which attempts to strengthen the role of citizens in Healthcare, he is editor of the e-monthly Občan v síti (Citizen in the net) lectures on financing and organization of Healthcare. Currently he leads the initiative Zdravotnictví 2.0 (Healthcare 2.0) which has a goal to write down the chapter of Healthcare in the keynote address of the future government.

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