Damjan Prelovšek - Unique architecture of Josip Plečnik in Prague

Prof. Ph.D., Historian: Art and Architecture

Damjan Prelovšek, PhD is the world-renowned historian specializing in the architecture works of Josip Plečnik. He studied the history of art and architecture at Ljubljana University in Slovenia, the former Yugoslavia, where he at first graduated with the BA in art history in 1967. In 1977 he received Ph.D. diploma, focusing his graduate studies on Josip Plečnik’s Viennese architecture projects. Amongst his other academic achievements are: 1990 – 1991, visiting professor at the Salzburg University in Austria; 1992, visiting professor at the Central European University in Prague and at the College for New Europe in Cracow, Poland, and  the honorary diploma from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2008.

Soon after he graduated from the Ljubljana University, Damjan Prelovšek was employed at the Institute of History of Art of the Slovenia Academy of Sciences.  Between 1992 and 1995 he was a regular member of the European Academy of Sciences and Art, based in Vienna, Austria and subsequently in 1995 he became the Director of the Institute of Art at the Academy of Sciences in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

From 1998 to 2002, Damjan Prelovšek was the Ambassador of the Slovenian Republic to the Czech Republic, in Prague. Subsequently, he became the top level director at the Directorate for cultural heritage at the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia.

Currently, he is co-operating with the National Heritage Institute of the Czech Republic on securing the UNESCO heritage designation for the Church of the Holiest Heart of our Lord in Prague, which was designed by Josip Plečnik and built during 1928 to 1932 years. Between 1968 and 2012 Damjan Prelovšek curated numerous exhibitions about Plečnik’s works including places like Paris, Vienna, Prague, Brasilia and Seoul and was lecturing about the history of Slovenian architecture, and Plečnik in particular, in various parts of the world.

Amongst numerous publications by Damjan Prelovšek on Plečnik’s opus published in English stand out the following:

Josef Plečnik 1872-1957, Architectura Perennis, Salzburg – Wien 1992 (published in English at Yale University Press New Haven, 1997)

The Sacred Art of Josip Plečnik, Koper 1999

The Role of  Applied Arts in the Work of the Architect Jože Plečnik (Centropa, a Journal of Central European Architecture and Related Arts, New York 2004, vol. 4.

Besides publications in English, Damjan Prelovšek also published numerous articles and books on the subject of Slovenian and Czech architecture; and on Josip Plečnik, in Slovenian and in Czech.

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