Jaromir Hainc - Managing the city of Prague, Planning for the future & long-term vision

Ing. Arch. Ph.D., Architect and Urban planner, Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR)

Jaromir Hainc is an architect and urban planner, registered architect (member of the Czech Chamber of Architects) and researcher at the Faculty of Architecture and the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings at CTU. He studied architecture and urban planning at the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague, Faculty of Architecture, one year he studied urban planning at the TU Delft, Netherlands. He received his PhD diploma in urbanism and planning in 2016 at CTU. In 2009-2015 he assisted at Urban Design Studio of Jan Jehlik at the Faculty of Architecture at CTU and participated in several research projects. He presented and joined International Union of Architects (UIA) World Congresses 2008 in Torino (Italy), 2014 in Durban (South Africa) and 2017 in Soul (South Corea). He is an author of several interior design realizations and other architectural projects.

After graduation in 2008, he joined Jiran Kohour Architects Ltd. Prague, where he was responsible for Master Plans and Land Use plans for several cities and towns in Iraq and he participated in competitions and specific projects.

In 2012 he has started his work for Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) in the Office of the Metropolitan Plan. He was a Deputy Head of the Office (2014-2015), since 2016 he has become a Secretary (Senior Architect and Manager) in the Section of Urban Planning, after the changes at IPR in 2016 at the Office of the Metropolitan Plan.

At IPR he is responsible for co-operation with Public, Local Municipalities, and Stakeholders and gives a special attention to Local Plans. He was and is involved in the international agenda of IPR, he is responsible for co-operation with the OECD (Governance of Land Use in OECD Countries project), ESPON (Planning in Metropolitan Areas – SPIMA research project), and was a member of preparatory team for TRIANGULUM – Horizon 2020 research project and he has participated in several international workshops. He is a member of Metropolitan Areas Working Group of EUROCITIES.

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