Pál Belényesi - Intercultural business communication

International Consultant, Lecturer and European Parliament’s Independent Advisor

Pál has 13+ years of experience in cross-cultural negotiations, academic teaching and in providing legal and economic analyses. He is trained in law and economics and possesses extensive client management experience. He has built up a comprehensive lobbying practice and assisted companies and organizations in Brussels in various sectors, such as transport, logistics, ICT and digital markets. Pál is also a former European Commission and Parliament employee. He has demonstrated independent research and communication skills across several disciplines and built up an exceptional understanding of cross-cultural differences. On all occasions, he proved himself to be a result-oriented team leader with a special understanding of the dynamics of European and national policies. He is able to speak and negotiate in five languages and holds a Master’s degree and a PhD in environmental and competition law and economics. Pál is an internationally recognized speaker and a media-savvy communicator regularly training mid- and high-level executives. He is an international consultant in developing countries working and teaching in Asia and the Middle East. Last but not least, he is a contracted independent advisor on legal and economic harmonization matters for the European Parliament.

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