Tomáš Rektor - Burn-out


EU Board certified Psychiatrist with fifteen years experience working with a culturally diverse clientele, comfortable working with individuals with severe problems such as schizophrenia, drug addiction, depression and other major mental ilnesses. More than ten years of practice in treatment of burnout syndrome and workaholism. Excellent background in psychopharmacology and an interest in responsibly measuring outcomes of new modalities. Psychotherapist, psychoanalyst in training.

Education and Training:

Masaryk University, Medical Faculty, Brno, Czech Republic   

MD degree obtained in 2000 

Institute For Postgraduate Education, Prague, Czech Republic

Board Certificate in psychiatry obtained in 2003

Czech Medical Chamber, Prague, Czech Republic, 

Medical license in psychiatry obtained in 2005

Institute For Postgraduate Education, Prague, Czech Republic,

EU Board certificate in psychiatry obtained in 2009

Psychoanalist in trainig

Professional Experience:

Head psychiatrist

Terapie.Info, Ltd, Prague, Czech Rep.                                 Current position since 2005 


Policlinic for students, Prague, Czech Rep.                                  2004 – 2005


Mental Home, Jihlava, Czech Rep.                                                2002 – 2004


University Hospital, Dept. of Psychiatry, Brno, Czech Rep.        2000 - 2002

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