Iveta Králová - Invisible architecture – acoustics

Key segments manager at Ecophon

I joined Ecophon in 2006 and since then room acoustics has been an integral part of my life. I have been working in several positions and I have to say that each of them brought me new experience and knowledge in acoustics. Now I have the opportunity to use the information I have gained and I can spare more time on investigation how acoustic environment influences human´s health, behavior and work performance. Sound, like for example light and temperature, leads our senses and perception of the room. It does not have a visual appearance but it does not mean it is not important. Conversely – it has really huge impact.

I focus on room acoustics in education, healthcare, and office sectors. Noise levels in schools are on really high levels. Acoustic environments for learning are often alarming – bad speech clarity for the listeners, echoes in addition to the excessive noise level. Conditions that are unacceptable boring not only for students but also for teachers. There is a different situation in offices which are seeing big changes and this is ongoing. I dare to say that acoustic comfort is becoming an essential part of office working environment, which makes me happy.

I really appreciate the diversity in my job. Each working day is different and gives me new challenges constantly. I can meet and lead negotiations with target groups like architects, end-users, investors, and developers. It is interesting to observe and learn how each of them approaches room acoustics from their own point of view. Despite this, we have a common goal – to collaborate and create a good acoustic comfort for humans.


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