ECCEDU Stories – Joelle Abou Mrad rejoining Jestico+Whiles Architects a year after her internship

Hello, my name is Joelle Abou Mrad and I graduated in the summer of 2020 with a master‘s degree in Architecture from the Lebanese University in Beirut. Today, I am an assistant architect at Jestico+Whiles Architects in Prague. This opportunity would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the ECCEDU Architecture Program!

I joined the summer program in 2019 and gained invaluable work experience in Prague, a city that remains unrivaled in both its history and architecture.

My first three weeks were full of inspiring lectures by renowned and experienced architects as well as professionals from related fields like project management, land development, and real estate. This offered me a golden opportunity to expand my network and connect with professionals from the Czech Republic and around the world. I also got the chance to meet and befriend aspiring professionals from each and every continent. One thing I valued the most was the fascinating discussions that broadened my views and interests on trending issues from architecture to city planning.

After the three weeks of lectures, I got the opportunity to intern at Jestico+Whiles Architects for a month. During that time, I obtained hands-on professional experience and built friendships and acquaintances that I sustain to this day. Especially as one year later I have rejoined the team and have now become a part of it.

Today, I am very thankful I took the decision to join the ECCEDU summer program… as I can say assuredly that it has pushed me closer to my career and life goals!

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