Ladislav Dyntar - Inspirational Panel

CEO at eSuba

During my university years, I was always very keen on becoming a business strategy consultant. Trying to help other companies solve their biggest obstacles felt like a great way to challenge myself.

At that time, I had been involved with eSuba ever since we founded the esport team in 2004. After the realisation set in that I would not be making it as a professional gamer myself, I decided to put my managing skills to the test.

By 2013, when I was finishing my university, eSuba has become the biggest gaming brand in our region. Millennials completely changed the way people consume media and require a different approach from any brand that wants to market products or services to them. That is when our esport team of 50+ professional gamers and influencers, along with our marketing agency, comes into play.

With 16 years of experience, we will make your brand relevant and drive your sales.

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