Pavel Matějka - Voice in IT

Co-founder at Phonexia

Pavel Matějka (Ing. [MS]. Brno University of Technology, 2001, PhD. Brno University of Technology, 2009) is a co-owner of Phonexia and senior researcher at BUT Speech@FIT research group of the Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Faculty of Information Technology, BUT. His research interests include robust speaker verification, language identification, speech recognition, or in general mining information from speech. Pavel has more than 50 papers that were published in professional journals and reviewed at international conferences and more than 4500 citations according to google scholar. He was for a year at Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology, USA, and for more than a year with BBN Technologies, Cambridge, USA. He took a part in all language and speaker recognition competitions organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology since 2003 with excellent results.

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