Nupur Kohli - Stress and productivity; Stress and career ambition

Advisor, Health Advisory Services, EY

Nupur Kohli is Winner of the National VIVA400 Award for Most Inspiring Woman of The Netherlands in the category Smart Brains 2016 and awarded one of the most inspiring women in technology in the Netherlands by Inspiring 50 Europe 2017 judged by chief executives of top global companies. Nupur has an astonishing career. She received these awards because of her exceptional diverse talent and achievements. She is an author of a book on stress and productivity, "CHILL! : How to survive stress and improve personal & professional productivity. Symptoms & solutions to chronic pressure"
Nupur is a medical doctor, internationally renowned speaker and healthcare management advisor. She is also Ambassador of the Dutch Sustainable Healthcare Challenge. Fascinated by the human body and how it works, she obtained her Masters degree in Medicine from the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam. Thereafter she did Fundamentals of Business at Harvard Business School – HBX, USA. Her blogs appear on the Harvard official website. Her medical scientific research works are published in official international medical journals.

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