Check out Botic Student House on 24th of August

Dear all,
those of you checking out from Botic student house tomorrow (Saturday, August 24th) please clean your rooms before checkout - leave nothing behind, take off the bed-linen etc. There is a lot of you checking out tomorrow therefore the cleaning staff will be checking your rooms and coming to cleanup starting at 6am on the 6th floor followed by 5th floor etc. They will then go floor by floor to check and clean your rooms. Please make sure your rooms are ready for the handover by 6am. If you want to stay longer because of your later departure please stop at the reception and let the accommodation know. They need to start this early to make sure that all the checkouts are processed on time for your departure. Many thanks.
Those of you taking the ECCEDU bus to the airport, it will be leaving from in front of the dorms 9am. 
Sorry to spam those of you who are leaving on different day. Just want to make sure everybody gets the information.
It´s been a great fun to have you all participate in our program. Have a safe journey home and good luck with your further studies and jobs. 
Best regards to all
Michal  and the Eccedu team

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