Luboš Komárek - Nanotechnology/biochemistry

Cluster Manager, Nanoprogress z.s.

Luboš Komárek graduated from Brno, the University of Technology, the Czech Republic and INDEG-ISCTE, Portugal in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics and Competition. He has a long-term work experience abroad and speaks fluently four languages. After graduation, he worked as Technical and Sales Manager and Business Development Manager for Portuguese companies. Since 2014 he moved back to the Czech Republic and started as Specialized Project Coordination Manager responsible for controlling and coordination of R&D projects in the Czech nanotechnology cluster organization Nanoprogress z.s. Within one year he developed international collaboration and became the Head Manager of this organization. In 2016 he became a Board Member of National Cluster Association. His vision is to secure sustainable development of the nanotechnology industry and drive innovation for a better quality of life.

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