Dreaming big thanks to lecturers’ generosity II.

ECCEDU is delighted that most of our lecturers chose to donate their financial compensation and contribute to the American Academy ECCEDU fund in order to support a pupil’s education.

Daniel is the second student to have benefitted from lecturers’ generosity. The American Academy ECCEDU helped Daniel and his family overcome the financial and emotional hurdles they would have had to face to try and afford the education he aspired to. ‘When I talked to the teachers, Mr Kania and others, I knew that this was the one [school] where I wanted to go: they were offering everything that I would want to learn from a school,’ he explained to our founder Tomas Hulle when they met in February.

‘I wouldn’t have been able to go to the school had I not received the stipendium’, he added, even if his parents would have tried everything they could to help him get there.

The American Academy’s tailored and flexible teaching method played an important role in Daniel’s choice to apply. When asked if the school works with his passion and helps him connect with the environment he’d be keenest to work in in the future, his answer is an earnest ‘Definitely.’

It’s ‘too soon’ for him to know what exactly his future job is going to look like, but Daniel already know that what matters most to him is to have a positive impact on the world, however he can. As of now, he says, ‘there is an area that I’m interested in and a goal that I have set myself. It’s heading towards cosmology. I want to look up and discover new things, be on the cutting edge, so cosmology, astro-physics [could allow me to do that]… I hold Neil Degrasse Tyson and what he does in high esteem. When he talks about educating the young and passing the torch as his goal, and the importance of science, it makes me want to do the same thing.’

He can work towards this goal with the support of the American Academy.

We wish Daniel the best of luck in his future endeavours!


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