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Our Approach and Global Career Summer Programs

ECCEDU was established to provide a long-term solution to the overly theoretical tendencies of university education and career consulting.


We bridge the gap between our students' academic knowledge and real-life experience, building upon the theoretical foothold universities provide. We believe that the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills is an essential prerequisite for professional success. That's why we created our Global Career Summer Programs + Internships.


Our two-month-long Global Career Summer Programs + Internships are focused on Law, International Business, and Architecture & Design.


The program consists of three weeks of intensive practical courses and four weeks of internship in one of the 350 international companies that partner with us around the Schengen Area and in New York State, USA.


In 2019, we received over 650 applications from 50 countries around the world and welcomed about 200 students to spend a beautiful and meaningful summer in Prague. Due to its continuing success, ECCEDU plans to expand its Global Career Summer Programs to other regions of the world, launching Dubai and Warsaw this year and with New York planned for 2021.


What are our students thinking about? Check some testimonials from them

I always wanted to have an internship and I always wanted to be in an European Country. I thought this program was going to be some lectures and an internship, but when I saw the lecture - actually, they were really hard on my ecpectations. It was real-world applicable, practical, and I really loved it. I have some new ideas about my life. I didn't have a plan or career that I wanted to go into. I'm sure I want to be an international lawyer, but now I have new ideas.

Sarvenaz, Iran

If you are interested in some law lectures but are studying business, you can just swap. And just as well, I can take some architecture lectures too if I wanted. That was a good thing. I was also pleasantly surprised by the number of different activities and field trips that were offered to us during this program. There was a variety of different activities we could do, and they were good for everyone.

John-Andreas, Norway

Experience and Inspiration

When designing and organizing the programs, we always follow two core values - Experience and Inspiration. Every summer, for three weeks, we teach our students 30 practical topics that rarely make to academic curriculums. These 30 topics are covered by 30 different active professionals who are considered experts in their fields.


Every year, we select these 30 topics very carefully to make sure that they stay relevant. We also realize the importance of improving students' soft skills, which are just as valuable as professional knowledge, yet equally sidelined at university.


Among our speakers are Josef Hlaváček, Sales Team Lead, CEE, Facebook, Jan Kubíček, Senior Legal Counsel, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, Gao Xiging, Cheng Yu-tung Chair Professor, School of Law, Tsinghua University.

Real working environment

ECCEDU programs are not only about spending time in the classroom; quite the opposite. After three weeks of intensive practical courses, our students get a chance to use and improve their freshly-acquired knowledge by going on a four-week-long internship in one of the top-tier companies operating in their sector.


We partner with companies like Siemens, UniCredit Bank, T-Mobile, LegoCoca-Cola, law firms such as DLA Piper, Clifford Chance, Allen & Overy, Linklaters, Bird & Bird, and studios such as Jestico+ Whiles Architecture and Chapman Taylor Architects, as well as many others, to provide valuable experiences, skills, and know-how.


All our partners are well aware of the huge gap between traditional education and real-life situations; they very gladly and kindly agreed to work together with ECCEDU to bridge it and to prepare our students to become successful future leaders and well-recognized experts in their fields.

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