Paweł M. Lipnicki - Public speaking

Profesional actor,

Paweł M. Lipnicki - trainer, lecturer, coach, author of training, writer, actor, vocalist, TV presenter.

From 1993, he cooperated with Polish State Television. He led, among others, programs "About ourselves", the author's program "Stress has big eyes", "Mum and I", "Coffee or tea", "Heads or tails" (On the history of money in Poland according to its own script). A graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw

He took over 15,000 presentations, shows, training, symposiums, outdoor events, conferences, congresses, motivational speeches, etc. Currently, he is the owner of the EKSPERT ENT training and event company. Author of training in presentations, public speaking, professional voice emission, communication, sales, mediation, event marketing in promotional practice; author of anti-stress training, pro-health and negotiation programs for VIPs, businessmen and media spokespersons. He conducts non-verbal creations development training with the use of acting techniques, as well as seminars of public speaking techniques for trainers, activists, leaders and politicians and celebrities. He has over 32 years of experience in conducting training. He trained officials of Polish Ministries of: Treasury, Economy, Foreign Affairs, National Defense, Internal Affairs and Administration, assistants of the Prime Minister and Ministers, and employees of local government institutions, managers and employees of companies such as: Allianz, Idea, Siemens, Ericsson, Fuchs, Gillette, United Distillers, Diageo, Panasonic, Stena Line, Volkswagen Poland, Philips, Prudential, ING, Orange, T-mobile, Play, Era, PKN Orlen, LOT, Allegro, LOTOS and many others.


In 2000 he won the training competition at a specialized training group and received the title LEADER of MIND TRAINERS; he has educated several generations of business trainers. The number of participants in its training, workshops and seminars often exceeds 2,000 people a year. Author of over twenty authoring training and Power-talks for managers and office workers. Ambassador of Luxury Brands and trainer of the DIAGEO concern. He lectures regularly at the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw as an independent lecturer. Writer and playwright: Guide "Johnnie Walker Red Book" 2006; theatre plays: "The Wonderful Necklace" 2002, "Tales of Mr. B.", "The Tale of Sirene", guide "Sell Crisis!", guidebook "Astonishing strength of survival" and many other publications.



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