Lindsey Nagy - Competitiveness in the 21st Century

Founder & Managing Partner, NAGY VENTURES

Mr. Nagy has successfully performed services in marketing, business development and strategic planning, as well as fundraising, while holding positions for both global-public and privately-held companies.

A proven ability to incubate initiatives and lead engagements, Mr. Nagy is sought to consult joint-venture partnerships and startups. Through his venture consultancy, Lindsey also has experience working with clients through IPO and building non-profit organizations.

Lindsey's career pursuits involve early-stage entities offering long-term investment, partnership and/or advisory positions. He aims to create responsible ventures that promote "philanthrocapitalism" and offer sustained ROI.

Best described as: assertive, creative and resourceful, Mr. Nagy has an acclaimed "desire to achieve" mentality. His life-long loyalty to networking has proven advantageous deliverables for both friend and client alike.

A world-traveled, thrill-seeking American, Mr. Nagy is proficient in the English language and has knowledge of both Spanish and Mandarin.

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