John Lynn - Global Innovation & Acceleration

Helping Innovation Leaders leverage Accelerators

John’s mission is to align the future of work with the future of education, and he was featured on Forbes to talk about how acceleration at places like Studio Project and techstars represents a new kind of educational model. He is also a veteran of the startup community and ready to talk all things entrepreneurship: in the past, he founded a company accepted to one of the world's top accelerators, closed term sheets, helped launch and manage the techstars NYC program. He has engineered connections resulting in LP investments for venture capital funds (including the techstars Venture Fund, $150mm), the creation of a techstars company, angel investment for a mentor's new venture, and sourced co-founder relationships, c-suite hires, and first hires. He also co-founded a network of innovation programs in the NYC tech community, comprised of over 40 organizations and over 50 leadership-level individuals. In addition to heading the Studio Project, he is also the co-organizet of Accelerator Awesome -- the world’s first industry level global accelerator conference.

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