Alex Braun - Becoming A Research Master

Managing Director, SKDKnickerbocker

Alex Braun is an expert in communications, strategy and research. In 2014, he was named International Campaign Consultant of the Year by the AAPC, the most prestigious industry award. A year before, Forbes magazine called him a “campaign magician”.

Alex has provided counsel to presidents, prime ministers and other high-level political clients in more than 50 campaigns on four continents. Some of his notable clients include Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton, as well as presidents in Mexico, Ukraine and Philippines and prime ministers in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Thailand.

Alex typically advises on campaign strategy, messaging, targeting and field organizing, and he leads the campaigns’ polling programs. He has also co-authored books, spoken at conferences and taught university courses on these topics.

In addition to his political work, Alex has conducted messaging and brand positioning research for Fortune 500 corporations such as Microsoft, Ford, Comcast and State Farm.



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