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We know our partner firms very well and one of our two missions is to help our community!

Why would you and your firm want to become involved with ECCEDU projects? You’ll quickly and directly benefit through personal introductions and events, which serve to empower partner branding and visibility to the public as well as, and perhaps more importantly, to our community.


At the moment, ECCEDU partners with 300 companies from almost every single European Union country, as well as from the East Coast of the United States. With such a strong community, built by leading firms, we can make magic happen! We are very much open to designing an individual and beneficial cooperation scheme for your firm, without having you pay us a single dime. Below are some of the ECCEDU projects that you could take part in...

Global Career Summer Programs + Internships

ECCEDU was established to provide a long-term solution to the obsolete practices of higher education systems and to the overly theoretical tendencies of career consulting.

We bridge the gap between our students' academic knowledge and real-life experience, building upon the theoretical foothold universities provide. We believe that the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills is an essential prerequisite for professional success.

That's why we created our Global Career Summer Programs + Internships.

Our two-month-long Global Career Summer Programs + Internships are focused on Law, International Business, and Architecture & Design.

The program consists of three weeks of intensive practical courses and four weeks of internship in one of the 350 international companies that partner with us around the Schengen Area and in New York State, USA. This is a great opportunity for us to connect our partners with their future workforce, as well as one another.

In recent years, the Law Global Career Summer Program has become the biggest legal education project between Europe and China. In 2019, we received more than 650 applications from 50 countries all around the world and welcomed about 200 students to spend the summer in Prague.

Due to its continuing success, ECCEDU plans to expand its Global Career Summer Programs to other regions of the world, launching Dubai and Warsaw this year and with New York planned for 2021.

Who are we? There is a short video about us.

New! OBOR Professional Training Program

The OBOR Professional Training Program focuses on helping elite young Chinese lawyers obtain valuable experience and learn about global business practices in the European legal environment by giving them the opportunity to be part of legal teams in leading European law firms. The main aim of this program is to build relationships between European and Chinese law firms, to increase our partners' connectivity and improve our referral network, all in all to establish a lasting, trustful and mutually beneficial cooperation scheme. Together, they will be able to learn from and understand different work environments and cultures.

The program lasts five to eight weeks in total and is divided in two parts. It starts in China with the dispute resolution training organised by the International Chamber of Commerce, which is then followed by a series of tailor-made lectures on specific legal topics organised in Europe by ECCEDU. The key component of the program are the internships in leading European law firms.

Coming soon! Chinese Community Building Partnership

In China, ECCEDU has strong connections not only in the high-end legal sector but also with boutique law firms in various jurisdictions. We learn about our partners’ specialities in depth and know their businesses well. Therefore, we can connect our partners with a wide range of legal firms. By introducing and arranging meetings for our Chinese partners with law firms in the EU, we enable them to expand their networks, improve awareness of their brand, and help them develop their business directly in the area they desire and on an international level.

The main goal of the Chinese Partnership project is to build a strong legal and business community, to help our partners with their business growth by connecting them with the most successful companies and entrepreneurs across regions and sectors relevant to them. Through this community, they gain the chance to meet and to discuss the project of their future cooperation.


We are not here "on paper" only: we are ready to help our partners at any time.


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Our partners range from small businesses to major corporations, from start-up projects to well-established companies, from architectural studios to international law firms. Through our partnerships, we are creating a network full of inspiration, new possibilities and cooperations. We are connecting experienced professionals with aspiring creatives and ambitious students. Do you want to be a part of this?


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