This summer's architecture internships

This summer's architecture internships

We are happy to announce that all the architecture students successfully completed their summer internships and that we have received very positive feedback on their work from well-established architectural studios like CASUA, Jestico+Whiles, CHYBIK+KRISTOF, or DAM.architekti.

Our students have worked on many interesting tasks and they were taken very seriously. The interns had the opportunity to experience creative processes and develop various skills like working in AutoCAD, Revit, Autodesk, and SketchUp design software.

Two of our students have spent 3 weeks in CASUA, an innovative architectural studio in Prague. Nita and Karim were working together on a competition project for a senior center. Both interns have worked creatively and fulfilled all tasks regarding the project, they came up with a concept of the project and a design proposal which was well-appreciated by the CASUA architects.

Another student’s work in DAM.architekti consisted of proposing volume changes for individual buildings depending on the location of the site, Sergio learned how to transfer designs and sketches to a 3D model, he also had to prepare 2D drawings for a presentation to the client. According to his supervisor, Sergio showed great enthusiasm for architecture and he instantly became a full member of the office. In the end, he was also given an opportunity to cooperate with the studio in the future.

Venkatesh, an intern in Jestico+Whiles studio, played a key role in developing ideas and creating a number of drawings and 3D models for a new holiday resort in Holland. The studio appreciated Venkatesh’s hard work and in their own words, they would have no hesitation in recommending him to any future employer.

We did not only have architecture internships in Prague but also in Brno, where Marsha worked in CHYBIK+KRISTOF studio, where she was a part of the team working on a project for a family wellness hotel in the mountains. Marsha’s main work was to make conceptual 2D and 3D designs of small chalets connected to the hotel. The studio appreciated her enthusiasm and commitment.

We love to see that ECCEDI provided internships are truly beneficial for both sides - our students as well as our partners - and that they are bringing together new relationships and creating new work opportunities. We are already looking forward to the next summer!




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