Expanding to Poland’s vibrant capital!

We are proudly announcing that next summer, ECCE will be hosting its unique law program not only in Prague but also in the capital of Poland, Warsaw. With the expansion to Poland, ECCE will stick to its core values based on experience, inspiration, and the globally unique concept of education. Warsaw’s law program will bring new local business leaders and professionals.

“Polish economy is one of the largest in the Central and Eastern Europe and there is without doubts a lot of opportunities for growth within this region and country”, says Tomáš Hülle, the founder of ECCE. What is significant for Poland is its turbulent history, great cuisine and sense of humour of Polish people. “Speaking about business, what unifies Polish mentality is a spirit and passion for projects”, Tomáš Hülle adds.

By participating in ECCE’s summer law program in Warsaw, students will have the opportunity to engage with legal leaders and global professionals who will share their experience in the field through given lectures. The participants will also gain new legal skills and get the experience of how it would be to work for a well-established law firm or legal department of an international company by having an internship in one of the global companies such as Bird&Bird, Clifford Chance, KLGates or Huawei. “The students can look forward to many global brands, completely new culture and great passion for entrepreneurship and innovation among the locals”, says Tomáš Hülle.

Warsaw is one of the largest European cities and with over 1,8 million inhabitants it serves as a communication chain between the East and the West. The city was voted the 3rd most business-friendly European city in 2018, and that is why it attracts many international investors and professionals from all over the world and many international law firms are deciding to locate their local headquarters here. “Warsaw is where the New meets the Old, it has a friendly cosmopolitan atmosphere combined with a vibrant business city centre”, says Jacek Pakula, the head of Polish program.

If you are asking for who is our law program suitable for, it is not only future lawyers but everyone else who wants to broaden their horizon in the legal field, realizing that law is connected to various other professions as well as everyone’s personal life.

By bringing our law program to Warsaw, we want to spread our philosophy and the unique educational experience that ECCE summer schools bring every year. We are very excited for all the new partnerships and we are truly looking forward to all that is awaiting our students and us in this dynamic city!

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