Antonio Nasuto - Sales

Director, Commercial Sales, IBM






Key Career roles and experience

Midmarket and CSP Sales, Director @IBM CEE

July 2015- Ongoing HQ Prague, CZ

  • 250MUsd, 80 Sales Reps
  • Lead 4inaBox Sales model (Marketing, Channel, Digital, F2F)
  • Key mission: Back to Growth, Change focus to Industry Solutions, New Clients, Multichannel Sales

Infrastructure Services, Director @IBM CEE

July 2014- June 2015 HQ Prague, CZ

  • 150MUsd, 60 Sales Reps, 500 HC Delivery, Technical
  • Lead Sales, Solution Design, Delivery
  • Key mission: Back to Growth, transform the organization into 4 Service Lines aligned model

COO, Director @IBM CEE

Feb 2012- Jun 2014 HQ Prague, CZ

  • Lead Sales and Business Operations, Incentives, Contract Administration, CIO
  • Key mission: shift to Global Integrated Support Functions model in a growing business environment 


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