Dreaming big thanks to lecturers’ generosity

Dreaming big thanks to lecturers’ generosity


ECCE is very pleased that most of our lecturers choose a possibility to, instead of receiving a monetary reward for their lecture, contribute to American Academy ECCE fund and in this way, support someone else’s education.

This year, our lecturers’ generosity has changed one student’s education path completely. Vojtěch, an ambitious high school student from Brno, got the opportunity to study at the American Academy and all that thanks to the contribution of our lecturers. Without the scholarship provided, Vojtěch would not be able to attend American Academy and his future would probably be a lot different.

American Academy provides a unique style of education in all the fields possible, it tries to develop student’s knowledge, creativity, problem-solving skills, critical thinking and communication through many team projects and theme focused classes.

“The most important is the chance to develop my level of English through learning about history, mathematics and other kinds of sciences at American Academy,” says Vojtěch.

Because the student is still a very young individual, he is keeping his options open. He wants to learn and experience as much as possible and afterwards, based on his gained knowledge, decide what to focus on in the future. This opportunity can also serve as an excellent base for studying at a university abroad which is something Vojtěch is considering.

ECCE thinks that an investment in one’s education is the best kind of investment possible and we are very happy that our lecturers share the same vision.

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