Rafal Rybicki - EU Law

Lawyer & Legal Manager (AVP), Credit Suisse

Lawyer & legal manager (AVP) with an extensive in-house experience. Rafał is a head of a team of 9 in-house lawyers and a General Counsel within the Polish division of one of the largest Swiss banks with a global reach – Credit Suisse. He specializes in financial market regulations and commercial law with a focus on legal assessment of transactions from contractual, banking secrecy, data protection and regulatory outsourcing perspective.

Together with his team, he is providing ad-hoc support to wide range of stakeholders within Credit Suisse Capital Group. He specializes in Far Eastern capital market regulations of jurisdictions including Hong Kong, Singapore or Malaysia.

Prior to his career at Credit Suisse he was a part of an independent law office - ZKZ Law Firm in Wrocław, Poland where he mainly focused on civil and commercial law matters. He also provided Public International Law and EU Law researches and analysis for the Lower Silesian Centre of Strategic Studies as its analyst.

Rafał is currently defending his PhD thesis on Public International Law. For many years he was a lecturer at the University of Wrocław where he held courses in International and European Law.


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