Leoš Dvořák - Competitiveness in the 21st century

Head of Digitalization, Siemens Czech Republic

Mr. Dvořák serves as Head of Digitalization in the Siemens Czech Republic since 2016 with responsibility in the area of Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Grid and its integrations. Including coordination agendas related to building standards and test beds for i 4.0.   

Before that he worked as Automation Control Solution Engineering Director in Honeywell Technology Solution Brno since 2006, leading research and development efforts in areas of HW, SW and MD development with primary focus on applications for homes, buildings systems, water, gas and combustion processes and large security systems.

Since 1994 he was involved as Operations Director and variety of roles and responsibilities related to R&D and production in AVX corp. Semiconductor industry, Tantalum division.  He gained his experience from various global assignments in El Salvador, China, US, and Europe in area of Production, Engineering and R&D.

Education:  MSc in 1989 from Czech Technical University Institute of Electrical Engineering, in the field of Control Engineering. Three patent granted, author or co-author of more than 10 technical publications and engineering works. Member of the scientific board FEEC BUT, Member of the industrial board FIT BUT, member Board of Governors IT4Innovation, Member Executive Board of SIX.

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