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What is our approach?The following is how ECCEDU Summer Program works:

Experience and Inspiration

Each summer, we teach our students 30 contemporary practical topics in three weeks on current issues that are predominantly not included in academic curriculums. All the topics are lectured by 30 different speakers who are considered experts and professionals in their respective fields.


Every year, we consider and choose the lectured topics very carefully with a goal to educate our students in the subjects not usually covered by universities. We also see the importance of improving the students’ soft skills which are just as important as professional knowledge. When thinking about and setting up a schedule for our students we always follow two core values - Experience and Inspiration.

Business program

Our Business Global Career Summer Program will involve some of the most exciting businesses and industries. NYC is home to some of the greatest Fortune 500 businesses but is also a thriving economy for tech and entrepreneurship being one of the best tech cities in the world, second only to Silicon Valley. During your program, you will learn from business leaders and entrepreneurs who will provide you with real-world applications for business building and leading. Applications for 2019 are open now! The program will run from July 8, 2019 – August 23, 2019 (same as the law program).


Participation in the Business Global Career Summer Program is suitable for any and all fields of study, regardless of what profession you plan on going into. Through the business program, you will learn the ins and outs of running a business from multiple vantage points. If your goal is to someday run a business (either your own or an executive of someone else’s) then you will learn the multi-facets needed to succeed. With the business program, you will learn how to be an effective leader and executive, one that is both innovative and trust-inspiring. Because we have strong ties to the entrepreneurship community in NYC, you won’t be learning from academics but instead, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from people who have actually built, grown, and led businesses themselves.

Law program

Our Law Global Career Summer Program will involve some of the top tier law firms in NYC. A mecca of litigation, you will learn from the best in one of the most complex and sophisticated legal systems in the world. Applications for 2019 are now open! The program runs July 8, 2022 – August 23, 2022.


Participation in the Law Global Career Summer Program is also suitable for people who are not practicing law and can be viewed as resourceful for almost any future profession. Broadening your horizon is a part of personal growth and will provide a better understanding of the legal field. Law, especially, is a field of study that applies to most aspects of personal as well as professional life. Our aim is not just to prepare future legal practitioners for their careers but also to prepare the next generation of strong thinkers and executives. We also focus on the practical sides of the law and its commercial aspects through speaking to leaders from the real world.


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