Zhuowei Chen for Glenmark scholarship


Zhuowei Chen for Glenmark scholarship



On the ECCE graduation ceremony, we had the honour to award one more recognition - Glenmark scholarship.

Glenmark is a global pharmaceutical company with an “A new way for a new world” approach, who sponsored a full educational degree to the exceptional achievement of one of our students.

It was hard to choose among many brilliant young students, but after a long and fair assessment, the one that fully deserves this scholarship was Zhuowei Chen from Peking University.

We include her words about ECCE’s summer experience and Glenmark scholarship below.

What is this scholarship meaning for you?

This scholarship means a lot to me. It helps me both mentally and financially.

During my three weeks in ECCE summer school, I appreciate the high quality of various lectures. The final exam, though tired me a little bit, shows a serious attitude of ECCE towards academy and knowledge. What is even impressive, is the kind support from Glenmark to talented students.

It is very lucky for me to get Glenmark Scholarship. It is not only an affirmation to my all efforts in this program, but also an inspiration for me to continue chasing my dream to be a successful international lawyer. As a Chinese student, I feel it a great honour to be recognized by Glenmark. To be honest, I was not much confident before I went here, new environment, language gap, tight schedule, difficult exams, all these things had been challenging me a lot. Thanks to Glenmark Scholarship, it tells me that everyone can make a difference as long as he works hard and never shrinks back.

Besides mental incentive, Glenmark scholarship provides me with a kind financial aid. I was born in an average family in China. Though my parents always respect my decision and try their best to provide me with sufficient economic support, I know it is a considerable burden for them to sponsor me to this summer program. As a student, hardly did I have a chance to reduce their financial burden. Glenmark scholarship helps me make it, when I told my parents about this surprise, they were very happy.

In addition to make up for participation fee to this summer program, Glenmark Scholarship gives me more other chance to improve myself. For example, because I am going to study abroad after graduation, I have to study for the Law School Admission Test, which also costs a lot. Glenmark Scholarship can also make up for my tuition for the relative courses and learning materials. What's more, because I like travelling as foreigner volunteer, Glenmark Scholarship can also be used in transportation and accommodation I need during my voluntary jobs, these experiences expend my horizon and promote my comprehensive capacity. In a word, Glenmark scholarship drive me to dream my dreams more bravely.

How did ECCE summer school influence your views on career and development?

Many lectures in ECCE talked about strategies to succeed in future career and development. Before I came here, my university focuses on academic training much more than practical training, ECCE summer school not only taught me basic knowledge about international interaction, general data protection, merger and acquisition, banking and financing, etc. But also shared with me various experience in practical career. Gradually I realized that to success in the future competition, one should combine theory and practice together.

One of the deepest impression on me about the strategies is "to get in the room". Which means actively entering into circles which can help you realize your dreams. There is an old saying in China: if you are a piece of gold, you will glow in everywhere. You can find an obvious difference between these two opinions. Chinese traditional view emphasizes more on personal accumulation and waiting for chances, while western view emphasizes more on actively grabbing chances.

Before coming here, I always put self-promotion in the first place when it comes to development. I dared not to say "I can do it" unless I was 100% sure about it. After the lectures shared by professionals from various fields, however, I found a similarity among them, they all know well how to show their talents and to grab every chance, even they are not sure whether they are competent enough.

Therefore, I've decided to follow their path, force myself to get in the room.

What is the most valuable experience from this program that you will take with you?

I think the most valuable takeaway is the interactions with the speakers.

A brightened dot of ECCE scoring mechanism is its class activity score. It is a great incentive for students to stick up questions on an website which can constantly interact with speakers during the lecture. However, to be honest, I am not so used to doing so, because I prefer asking questions face to face to make sure I understand all points. Many shy Chinese students dared not to ask questions in class, but in my opinion it is the most efficient way to deepen your understanding about some knowledge. So once the speaker paused or asked for oral questions, I will pluck up my courage to ask what I wanted to know. Silly as some questions were, they improved my learning efficiency and also forced me to carefully follow the speaker as possible.

The best feeling about such interactions is when the speaker smile and said: "You typically get my point.", "That's a great question." or "Your question is related to today's next topic I'd like to talk about."  These replies show that you were exactly keeping pace with the speakers, which means you absolutely get something from these lectures.

Zhuowei Chen for Glenmark scholarship
Zhuowei Chen for Glenmark scholarship
Zhuowei Chen for Glenmark scholarship
Zhuowei Chen for Glenmark scholarship
Zhuowei Chen for Glenmark scholarship
Zhuowei Chen for Glenmark scholarship

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