Law Field Trip: The Parliament of Czech Republic

We meet:

Date - 27th of July, Friday

Time - 9:30 am - 13 pm

Place - Malostranská ( in front of the subway station - A green line)

Bear in mind to wear a semi-formal clothing for this day.


The Parliament of Czech Republic is the legislative body of the country, seated at Mala Strana, Praha 1. It contains two chambers:

Lower House - Chamber of Deputies

Upper House - Senate

Both members of the houses are elected by direct elections.

The Czech Republic is a parliamentary state. The parliament has legislative powers to modify the constitution, holds and passes bills; If necessary to declare war, approve the presence of foreign military forces on the territory of the Czech Republic or dispatch Czech military forces abroad.


Our visit will take the time of the regular lecture. You will have a lecture on Whistleblowing by Libor Michálek. Students will not travel outside of the city of Prague. You will be granted special access. 


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