Fill in your CV - Edit Account

As you know this Friday you will have a test. On Monday is going to be your internship redistribution. For that purpose besides studying, we want you to build your profile and fill in all the information in your account. This will be your CV, you already know that.

What you write there and how much information you provide for yourself is going to be crucial for your internship company. 

Please, if you still haven't done it, finish your CV by Thursday morning at the latest!


P.S. Evaluate the speakers and give likes to the companies of your preference! This is equally important for the way you get redistributed. Be active and make it easier for you!

We attach an example of CV for you. Please try to limit it to one page, but still pay attention to your real experience and interests. 

Note down that this is a sample CV, Iva has no legal background, so you should always do it only according to your expectations, experience, hobbies etc. 

Don't bother the formatting, just try to separate your phrases with some punctuation. 

Good luck!



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