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European Centre for Career Education provides practical education in a form of unique summer programs in the fields of Law, International Business and Architecture. ECCEDU has two key goals, educating young and talented students about how the professional world really works and at the same time generating business opportunities for the companies we partner with.


The theoretical base of the programs is covered by lectures given by experts in the chosen field, the practical experience is gained by an internship in one of the well-known companies such as Siemens, Unicredit, Huawei, T-Mobile, DLA Piper or Lego, happening in Prague as well as other cities around the World. ECCEDU’s summer programs are suitable for university students and graduates wanting to widen their knowledge and gain more experience before starting their career.

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  • Annual Partners Meeting

    31. 03. 2019

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  • Soutěž a Podnikej
    A competition that will jump-start your high school project

    12. 02. 2019

    On 25 January, teams of high school students gathered in the KPMG Prague offices to take part in the final of Soutěž a Podnikej.

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  • Introducing: ECCEDU’s New York Program!

    30. 01. 2019

    Introducing: ECCEDU’s New York Program!

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  • Just 15 day of Star Price left!

    17. 01. 2019

    Just 15 day of Star Price left

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  • “Friends and Family Gathering”

    04. 12. 2018

    On November 26 we held our yearly “Friends and Family Gathering” at MEAT BEER!

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  • Article about ECCEDU

    03. 12. 2018

    Very pleased to share that our Founder Tomáš Hülle has been feature in CEE Legal matters to talk about ECCEDU

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  • This summer’s architecture internships

    28. 11. 2018

    We are happy to announce that all the architecture students successfully completed their summer internships and that we have received a very positive feedback on their work from well-established architectural studios like CASUA, Jestico+Whiles, CHYBIK+KRISTOF, or DAM.architekti.

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  • Expanding to Poland’s vibrant capital!

    20. 11. 2018

    We are proudly announcing that next summer, ECCE will be hosting its unique law program not only in Prague but also in the capital of Poland, Warsaw.

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  • A little bit of Scotland in Prague

    08. 11. 2018

    As an appreciation of our partners and their cooperation with ECCE, on October 29 we organized a whisky tasting in Prague’s Whiskeria located in famous Jindřišská Tower in the city centre.

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  • Dreaming big thanks to lecturers’ generosity

    05. 11. 2018

    ECCE is very pleased that most of our lecturers choose a possibility to, instead of receiving a monetary reward for their lecture, contribute to American Academy ECCE fund and in this way, support someone else’s education.

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What is our approach?The following is how ECCEDU Summer Program works:

Global Career Summer Programs + Internships

ECCEDU was established to grant a long-term solution for the inadequate practices of obsolete education systems and career consulting with no practical ground. We bridge the academic knowledge with the real-life experience along with the appreciation to the theoretical foothold universities provide. We believe that the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills is an essential prerequisite for the students to become successful in their future fields. Our two-month-long Global Career Summer Programs + Internships are focused on Law, International Business, and Architecture. The programs consist of three weeks of intensive practical courses and four weeks of an internship in one of the 250 international companies all around the Schengen Area.


In recent years, the ECCEDU Global Career Summer Programs in Law has become the biggest legal educational project between Europe and China. In 2018, we received more than 650 applications from 50 countries all around the world and welcomed about 200 students who were accepted into the program, spending a beautiful summer in Prague. Due to ongoing success, ECCEDU plans to expand its programs to other regions with two new locations opening in New York and Warsaw in 2019.

Lectures and Internships

Each summer, we teach our students 30 contemporary practical topics in three weeks on current issues which are predominantly not included in academic curriculums. All the topics are lectured by 30 different speakers who are considered experts and professionals in their respective fields. Among our speakers, there are names like Padden Guy Murphy (Global Head of Policy & Impact at WeWork), Omar Koleilat (Founder & CEO of Crestyl), Pavla Gomba (Executive Director at UNICEF Czech Republic), and many others.


Internships by ECCEDU

ECCEDU programs are not only about spending time in the classroom. After three weeks of intensive practical courses, our students get a chance to use and improve their freshly acquired knowledge in a real working environment by having a four-week long internship at one of the top-tier companies operating in their sector.

We can count on companies like Siemens, UniCredit Bank, T-Mobile, Lego or law firms such as DLA Piper, Clifford Chance, Allen & Overy, Linklaters, Bird & Bird and many others, to provide our students with valuable experience, skills, and know-how.


All our partners are well aware of the huge gap between traditional education and real-life situations; therefore, they gladly agreed to work together with ECCEDU to bridge that gap and to participate in preparing our students to become successful future leaders and well-recognized experts in their respective fields. 

OBOR Professional Training Program (New Project)

The Professional Training Program focuses on helping elite young Chinese lawyers to obtain valuable experience and global business practice from the European legal environment and to provide them with the opportunity to be a part of a legal team in leading European law firms. The priority of this program is to build relationships between European and Chinese law firms, which can be then used by our partners to extend their connectivity and referral network, as well as to establish a trustful and mutually beneficial cooperation which will last for a long time. Together they will be able to learn from the divergent work environments and cultures as well as help each other understand the differences between them.

The program is divided into two parts and takes five to eight weeks in total. It starts in China the first week with the dispute resolution training organised by the International Chamber of Commerce, then followed in Europe by the tailor-made designed lectures on specific legal topics organised by ECCEDU. The key component of the program is the internship at leading European law firms.


ECCEDU has a solid foothold not only in the high-end legal sector but also connections with the boutique law firms in various jurisdictions. Therefore, we are capable of providing our partners with assistance on a global standard and a speciality within the Chinese market as well. We learn about our partners’ specialities in depth and know their businesses well. By introducing and arranging meetings for our Chinese partners with the law firms in the EU, our partners can extend their network, gain their brand awareness efficiently, and develop their business directly in that specific area on an international level.


The main priority of the Chinese Partnership project is to build up a strong community. This will help our partners with their business growth, especially by introducing and connecting them
to the most successful companies and entrepreneurs from various regions and sectors. By being a part of this community, this gives them a chance to meet and to discuss a potential, mutually beneficial, cooperation.


For our partners, we are not only „on the paper“, but we are ready to help them at any time.


Officially launching in Shenzhen in Spring 2019.

Wish to apply for one of our unique Summer Programs?

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Thank you for your interest & welcome to the world of ECCEDU Summer Programs!


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